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Carry ALL

Carry_All_09.jpgThe Carry All, the very first light weight, easy to fold, high quality, precision built folding Trike, is now available in the US!!  Even before a single trike hit US soil our phones have been ringing off the hook for this bike. Made of aluminum, and with high pressure 8" tires, the Carry All delivers all the qualities of the now famous Carry Me line.

Inventory will be limited for awhile, so get your order in at your nearest Alternative Vehicle Dealer!

Alternative Vehicles has the Solution to the high cost of GAS-



Real people, real use- Randy Gibb and family!  Checking out their new set of wheels!

quad-cycle-specs.png      Let's do the math, one 2 Rider for $3995 can be paid off in almost a year if you drive 15,000 miles a year, with an average fuel economy of 20 miles to the gallon just from what you would pay for that gas!

Why wait?

And what are the other benefits?  Cleaner air, feeling healthier, fatter wallet! 

Call us today for immediate delivery, or visit the website of one of our growing list of Dealers.



    Just Imagine.... If you could go just about anywhere!









The Staff of Alternative Vehicles eagerly awaits the opportunity to match your cycling needs with the perfect product.  Our line of folding bikes are the best on the planet.

                                                                               '07 Reach Trekking on Sale!

 Jay purchased a Reach City/Trekking bike.          social media marketing experts

                                                                            '09 Road Coming Soon                 Other Reach models include the Reach Road:        ReachRoad.jpg

Click social media marketing experts to read a review of the Reach Road.

                                                                                '07 Reach Trail on Sale!

                                     And the Reach Trail:                          Reach_Trail_in_black.jpg

Accessories that may be purchased for all the Reach models, front rack, rear rack, mud flaps, adjustable kickstand, and carry bag. 


 If you are not convinced that these are not the best folding bike in ride and value on the PLANET, we will trade, swap, replace or refund your purchase! PERIOD*

 *For bikes purchased directly from Alternative Vehicles, and no local dealer is availalbe.  You will be responsible for freight in both directions with a one week (7 day trial period).

Just and your bike.

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